Really Speaker Ryan? Really?

Explaining how a Democrat like Conor Lamb could win a Pennsylvania special election in a district that overwhelming voted for the president in 2016, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan said that “The candidate who is going to win this race is the candidate who ran as a pro-life, pro-gun, anti-Nancy Pelosi, conservative,” said Paul Ryan.”

Of course, here on planet Earth, Congressman-elect Lamb is actually pro-choice, believes the 2nd Amendment can and should be regulated with legislation like universal background checks, and will vote for a Democrat to be Speaker of the House – whether or not that Democrat is Ms. Pelosi. He also opposed – explicitly – all of Speaker Ryan’s stated intentions to strip the mostly sicker, poorer and older Americans of their benefits from programs, like Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security in order to pay for ever increasing welfare for the already well off and wealthy.

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